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Long time ago I was walking my dogs quite some times on the road near our house. And I didn't walk them very often at the time as I lived in a house with a pretty big compound and the dogs had enough space to walk themselves, so no real need to walk them.

IwaBut sometimes there were guests and the house was located in a beautiful environment, so at times we walked outside of the compound bringing the dogs on a leash.

And I was taught and believed dogs were supposed to walk kind of next to me, behind me, but especially not in front of me. So, being dog training minded, I decided also Iwa, my Mini Pinscher, needed to also walk next to me, behind me, especially not in front of me. Only to find out that that was kind of impossible.

So kind of with whatever I did, being nice or not so nice, being strict or not so strict, Iwa decided to walk ahead of me, pulling the leash tense, no matter what. And of course I tried and tried and tried, without any real success related to having her at least not putll, if not walking next to me or beind me.

Being pretty stubborn I tried pretty hard to make it work, but then finally I realized something was wrong: Iwa was not going to stop pulling or walk next to me, although of course, as she is still a dog, I believe I could have forced her.


So what I started to realize not being able to make her walk as I wanted was that Mini Pinschers just want to be ahead of everything. It is just their character to explore everything and with trying to make them walk as you want you are just going against their nature, against their character. So yes, in general I recommend dogs to walk next or behind you, but there are circumstances where it is okay or even recommended to go aginst the rules.

Individual dog

YokYokI had a similar experience trying to teach my Rottweiler YokYok to 'play fetch'. I have had several Rottweilers and normally they like to play and fetch whatever you throw away. And one day I realized I called myself a dog trainier, but had not taught any dog a trick for a long time. And as you may know I am not really into teaching dogs tricks, but still, I wanted to show myself I could still teach a dog a trick.

So I decided to teach YokYok, my eight year old Rottweiler, a new trick: 'play fetch'. So I found myself a stick and threw it, only to find out that YokYok had no intention brining it back ot me. He ran after it, and as far as i remember sometimes picked it up, but in no way he brought it back to me.

Anyhow, I am a dog trainer and dog training is all about patience and persistence, so I just spend a short while throwing the stick and putting the stick in his mouth while telling him 'hold' and decided to continue the next day. As dog training is also about repetition.