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Potty training


Dog peeingI get a lot of questions about potty training of puppies/dogs, so instead of telling people how to do that better write an article I can refer to. And it has been a long time since I had puppies, but as far as i know potty training a puppy/dog is not that difficult. As it is not that difficult to teach a dog anything.

And this is a first draft of this page and when reading it I thought the text sounds a bit harsh, so I guess I will try to change the tone a bit while improving it. For now it may do though.

Decide where

It always amazes me that often when I visit clients who have problems their dog or dogs peeing and/or pooing 'everywhere' that they don't know the answer to the question where they want their dog to pee and/or poo. As how can you teach a dog where to pee and/or poo if you didn't even think about where that is supposed to be.

So to me the first thing to do when you want to potty train your dog or dogs is to decide where they are supposed to pee and/or poo. Yes, it is that simple. As how can you expect your dog to pee and/or poo in the right place if you didn't even decide upon or tell him or her where that is supposed to be? Yes, often when dealing with dogs our common sense goes out of the window.

And to me there is actually only one place where dogs are supposed to pee and poo. And that is outside of the house, outside of the compound, on the street or any area suitable to walk a dog. As dogs are supposed to walk at least twice a day to fulfill their needs. It is that simple again. And no, I don't believe in peeing and pooing pads or letting your dog pee and poo in your comfort room. As the last to me is still very dirty, if not for you than at least do your visitors a courtesy and let your dogs pee and poo outside.

And then just teach

And the next thing is simply "just teach", and you may be amazed how fast your dog knows where to pee and poo. And teaching is very simple:

  • Just praise your dog when he pees and/or poos in the designated area;
  • Say a simple 'no' when your dog pees or poos anywhere outside of the designated area, preferably before it actually happens and bring him or her to the designated area for a short while;
  • And if you were not able to catch your dog in the act just bring him to the place where he or she peed or pood and then say a simple 'no' and bring him or her to the designated area for a short while.

Is it that simple?

Yes, I believe it is that simple. And you will be amazed how fast your dog learns this, as it is in the nature of a dog not to pee and/or poo in his or her own living area.