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Guus, dog trainer Cagayan de Oro CityGuus has been an admirer of Cesar Millan for a long time and applied much of the thinking to his own dogs, Adam, Ulla, YokYok and Iwa. And one of his dreams was and is to help people with their dogs in a similar way as Cesar Millan does, but he didn't know how to start.

Finally, after putting this dream more seriously on his wish-list, he saw a post in Facebook from a friend looking for someone to train her dog. So he responded, and go the job. And it worked, as after the first session it appeared everybody was much happier: the dog, the owner and Guus himself.

Need help?

So if you need help with a dog that is not responding or behaving as you want, just call Guus and he will do all he can to make your life and your dogs life much happier. You can reach him through the Facebook page, phone 0998 237 68 57 or 0995 218 96 98 or guus@themalasaghouse.com.

Guus' dogs

This is where it started:

Adam, Ulla and YokYok
Adam, Ulla and YokYok


Dogs get old and Ulla died and Adam was expected to leave us soon also. So it was time for a new dog:


You can read more about Arf on my page Dog Rescue.

First assignment

Guus saw a post in Facebook of a friend looking for a dog trainer and decided to apply and was hired! Result after the first session with Bruno and owner was a happier dog, a happier owner and a very happy Guus (photos to follow)!


Since that start Guus has trained quite some dogs in private sessions and also started group training in The Malasag House.

Looking forward to more assignments helping people with dogs and right now there is a real reference, next to Adam, Ulla, YokYok and Iwa and some personal trials with dogs encountered. So if you have an issue with your dog and don't know what to do call or text Guus at 0998 237 68 57 or 0995 218 96 98.