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“Cesar Millan of The Philippines”

Dog Whisperer Asia

Recently people pointed out there is already a Dog Whisperer in The Philippines. So I presumed there was already a TV show like Dog Whisperer in The Philippines, but as far as i know there is none.

What I did find was something like the "Dog Whisperer Asia", which appeared to be Lestre Zapanta. And I was not really happy with it, as he seems to be much more experienced and much more famous than I am. And yes, I always wanted to be rich and famous. And especially right now I am far from rich and possibly further from being famous than ever before, although maybe the last is not true anymore. As especially recently I realized I don't need especially Cesar Millan anymore, as over the last four years I have developed my own style and my own teaching.

Voice in my head

Cesar Millan
By DodgersMom Photography
CC BY 2.0, Link

So long time ago I was watching this TV show "Dog Whisperer". And I guess even after the show had finished airing on National Geographic there was this small voice in my head that said something like "I want to do something like that". And I don't know why, as I wouldn't even call myself a dog lover. Yes, as a child we had a dog, a "lassie dog" even. And I was the owner, but I wasn't really, as my mom was. And yes, I was jealous of her, but I couldn't do anything about it, as it was just her dog. And the dog decided. And the dogs I had here in The Philippines were not even my dogs, as my ex-partner wanted them, not me. And yes, I was okay with the first, but not the second and certainly not the third and fourth. However, I loved them and felt responsible for them, even though I hade to learn to love Iwas, the Mini Pinscher, as I don't like, or now I guess didn like, small dogs.

So there was this small voice in my head, for quite a long time, and nothing really happened, as how would I start something like that? I had no certificate or whatever related do dog training, and I knew certificates are important, especially in The Philippines. And I didn't have any experience, yes, with my own dogs, but what experience is that? And yes, sometimes with dogs of friends, or dogs I met on the way, but dog training experience? Not really.

Until that day came when a not so close friend of mine posted in Facebook she was looking for a dog trainer. So yes, that might be my chance, my start, so I messaged her, and to my amazement she agreed. So we agreed on a price and my first venture as a "dog trainer" began.

My first dog training

So we decided on a date and I went to her house, a house I had never been before, as she was not really a close friend of mine. And there was Bruno, a big dog in a big cage, and yes, very aggressive. So now the voice in my head said something else: "Do I really want this? This is dangerous, a big aggressive dog". But then something like: "Yes, you really wanted this, so this is your chance". So I remembered one of the shows where Cesar Millan also dealt with a very aggressive dog, so maybe I could do the same. And I did, even to my own amazement, as maybe an hour later or so Bruno was sitting next to me as a very behaved dog.